Margaret Ann Withers :: Curious Landscapes

toe tapping a tremulous fandango
acrylic gouache, ink, watercolor on paper

The city was unaware of the presence that stood over it, so large and unrecognizable was it, that the city assumed it was the sky. But down in the market, among the cabbage stalls, the machouettos came from their hiding spot and fingered the tapestry purses. With furtive glances around them, they whispered of their secret love while slowly clicking castanets and toe tapping a tremulous fandango. Unable to hold back, their dancing became faster and faster as it moved out of the market and into the nearby houses. And soon the houses shook with energy and truth, causing them to come free of their foundation, and to tumble out of the darkness, down the snoot, and into the true sky.
Tumbling Houses