Margaret Ann Withers :: Curious Landscapes

The tiny houses and telephone poles in these paintings are often hidden in a chaotic landscape, where it seems that some cosmic change has just occurred, where the landscape has been been jiggled and this is what’s left - a tiny community held together and fluttering within the terrible and the tender.  The stories that accompany these paintings are about the people within these tiny houses.

All artwork is priced framed.

Librarians whispered poems into the ice
ink, watercolor, gouache on hand molded paper

The Librarians watched over the cracking ice and shushed and frowned at the unruly noise​ of a winter stagnation.​ They tug​g​​ed​ sweaters on while pince-nez slipped to their laps​ ​and hands fluttered up to​ ​push stray hairs behind ears numbed by Dewey decimals.
They thought to bring some order to the thaw, so they pulled out a worn blue book with stars on the cover and began to whisper poems into the ice​. And slowly their voices​ puffed​​​ calming​,​ cool​, ​sintering words of iambic pentameter​- that ushered the dodgy ice to Spring.