Margaret Ann Withers :: Curious Landscapes

The tiny houses and telephone poles in these paintings are often hidden in a chaotic landscape, where it seems that some cosmic change has just occurred, where the landscape has been been jiggled and this is what’s left - a tiny community held together and fluttering within the terrible and the tender.  The stories that accompany these paintings are about the people within these tiny houses.

All smaller pieces are priced framed - larger one's are priced unframed - contact me for framing choices and prices.

an accidental warping of space and time
watercolor, ink, gouache on paper

Out, way out, in this tangled wilderness, sat a house perched on the edge of a cliff and in that house was a woman who one day lost her beauty, a cause, no doubt, of an accidental warping of space and time, or more plainly, to gravity. Her moldering bitterness flared and dusted the surface of her heart till one day she noticed that her words now sparked freely across her un-watched lips. Those weighty words shot out the windows and fell down the canyon, to only be caught up in a net that swayed unbound from the avidity of youth. Gathered, those bitter words were shaken to weightlessness and then the tangled wilderness would suck them back up.

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