Margaret Ann Withers :: Curious Landscapes

My Adrift series is a collection of surreal ocean landscapes.  Attached to the painting is a three-dimensional sculptural object of driftwood that contains HO-scale people, a car and telephone poles.  This sculptural object is attached to the linen with magnets. In the sky I’ve painted an apparatus that is part botanical and part mechanical.   It floats above the ocean in the sky, and is just out of reach of the humans who are left, floating on the driftwood, where it seems that something might occur, or has already occurred, and now, the consequence is being played out and they are set to repeat the narrative assigned to them.

California Dreamin'
Flashe paint, ink, acrylic gouache on linen; sculptural object: N-scale small people, Bugatti Veyron, telephone poles on wood
157x126 x13 cm

This painting was recently featured on June 26th San Francisco MoMA tumblr page, for which was written, "Another delightful and uniquely idiosyncratic landscape from Margaret Withers. There is, admittedly, the ocean, but one is reminded of a certain Wizard, a child's dream re-imagined, or as Cypher has it, "It means fasten your seatbelt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye."