I call these sculptures, LklMkls, which are little imaginary worlds that live in a solar system of chaos. They protect their inhabitants by being watchers, gigglers and wish granters, and they have boots to run like hell, if need be, from the ensuing chaos.  Some have silver electric power cords plugged into their sides, most have houses, telephone poles, eyes, mouths, hands - not human- but wild laughing worlds containing vestiges of humanity.

The idea for these came about when I desired to make a 3-dimensional creature from what had been floating around in my paintings- eyes and mouths, tiny houses and telephone poles, all barely visible in a surreal landscape.  All sculptures are hand-built, cone 6 ceramic with various glazes, oxides, and enamels.

 These creatures can be purchased online at - The Contemporary Art Modern Project Gallery (CAMP Gallery) or by phone at 786-953-8807

Or you can purchase on Artsy or SaatchiArt