Margaret Ann Withers :: Curious Landscapes

I start a painting with a story,  a narrative of sorts that is formed as I paint, but as I continue the original story gets flipped and skewed on the canvas and the icons and characters of my story become remnants of the original story. What occurs between my internal storytelling and the final painting is interesting to me because of it's mystery.  I believe that art originates as a spiritual impulse that can feed the heart and soul and spark further inspiration, and that art making is a primary language that we're born. My paintings strive to speak this language to those who are still fluent ,and to those who might have lost some of the words but still recognize the pitch and flow.   

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Margaret Ann Withers’ art career possibly began in her unsupervised youth where she would make up stories to keep herself entertained. Withers playfully uses imagery that is often hidden in a turbulent abstract landscape, such as houses, cars, boats, telephone poles and floating eyes and mouths.  Withers art fits within a variety of movements such as abstract surrealism and metamodernism. Originally from Texas, Withers has exhibited her work throughout the country and internationally in Brussels, Australia, Berlin, China, and Russia. Her artwork is included in several private and corporate collections and has won numerous awards including a 2016 Artist in Residence, The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA),  2013/2015 resident fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center, a fellowship to the Millay Colony, and a 2013 USA Project Grant.  She lives and works in New York City.