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2004-2010:Oil Paintings - Margaret Ann Withers 2013
2004-2010:Oil Paintings

The foundation for my art came from a largely unsupervised childhood in which I distanced myself from actuality by envisioning my own small world as a theater and casting myself as both playwright and lead actor in countless fictions. In these paintings I used-resin, pigment, oil paint, string, ink, paper, and clay--in order to manifest forms at once familiar and unrecognizable, visual fictions, compositions on the stage of my canvases, full of life and movement. When a viewer encounters my figures, or "guys," as I call them, the initial impulse is to decode or interpret, which is my knock at the door, my invitation to come out and play´╗┐.
many guys loosely thinking
Feudal Nobility once walked the Taiga
clacking guards sway to the magic shell dance in alkaline waters
Thesis and Antithesis dripped dots of blackberry jam on the smock of c
Tiberius tears played at smiling lips
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