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Transitions to Paper - Margaret Ann Withers 2013
Transitions to Paper

The following are from  a series of 135 pen and ink drawings, called ‘A diacritical fracas erupted between the 3’s and 5’s at which point 1 interfered’ and is a narrative account of the personified saga of these numbers. The drawings all have heads that contain the numbers 1, 3 and 5.  

All numbers that intrigue me: 3 and 5 as prime numbers, divisible into 135 and defined by 1, they are all beautiful in shape and meaning.

The number 1 defines prime, it’s the first Markov and Pell number, interjects itself into all numbers yet stands by itself.

The number 3 is the first Fermat, Mersenne, and lucky prime number.  It’s the aliquot sum of number 1. 

The number 5 is  the first same prime, the first only odd untouchable number and the only prime to end in the digit 5. 

The number 135 is special because it can be expressed as a sum product number:135=(1+3+5)(1x3x5) and as a sum of consecutive powers of its digits: 135 = 11 + 32 + 53

The number’s 1, 3 and 5 are a beautiful because they toss and turn with each other, tangle, and doggedly reside together in this world. 

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